Production Management & Design

The key to a brilliant event or meeting is collaboration between all elements of the production. If you have multiple vendors providing audio, video and lighting, but don't have one person with production experience managing the overall project, you risk having an event that lacks cohesion. Sometimes vendors clash with one another because of their competing roles. A successful production manager puts the finished product above all things.


At Brilliant Events and Meetings, we understand the importance of collaboration. Besides overseeing the normal audio, video, lighting and staging aspects of a production, we work with other departments, such as catering, decor and entertainment, to ensure a seamless event. Your goal is our goal: to create an event or meeting that attendees will remember. We are not happy unless your event is a brilliant success.


Audio Solutions

A great event starts with great sound.  Whether an intimate gathering of friends or an annual meeting for the whole company, every event needs audio that is crystal clear and has impact.  We design our audio system to enhance your message, whether it's speech, live music, or video playback.  By using only professional, high quality equipment — tried and tested in the entertainment industry — our audio engineers can ensure the sound for your event will have the volume, clarity and sizzle required by today's audiences.


With our audio solutions, we don't simply offer set "packages." We work with you to learn what your goals are, what challenges might exist, and to determine how to best help you achieve those goals with the right audio equipment.  Brilliant Events and Meetings, Inc. has extensive experience in everything from meetings and conventions to exclusive private parties and live concerts. We've got your audio needs covered!



Today more than ever, video is an important part of presentations and can enhance the message your clients are trying to share. We can help with any type of video system -- from breakout rooms to wide-screens with picture-in-picture. There is no challenge that we aren't ready to handle. At Brilliant Events and Meetings, our technicians are very knowledgeable and eager to help deliver a flawless event. We also offer Teleprompter services that can be used to create cleaner and smoother presentations.



A way to make any event shine and stand out above others is to add lighting. A properly designed system does more than just provide illumination — it can set the entire mood for your event or meeting. The wide array of lighting equipment that is available today, such as newer LED technology, allows us to be flexible and more creative with our designs.  At Brilliant Events and Meetings, we work with everyone involved in the creative process to deliver a design that is cohesive and energetic.



Staging and scenic elements can enhance the story you are telling to your attendees.  From basic pipe and drape to complex set designs — we can make whatever you imagine a reality. With a network of theatrically trained scenic designers behind us and the resources to deliver, Brilliant Events and Meetings is ready to assist in creating your vision.